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Mobis-New-Nest Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
While standing at the bus stop you look at your watch as you count down the time for the buses arrival. In the distance you hear the sound of a helicopter. You assume that it would just fly over you but suddenly the gust from the propellers causes you to look up from your watch to it hovering over you. Soon a target laser aims at you; attached to what looked like a gatling gun which immediately began firing at you. You put your hands forward and scream in fear. Suddenly you the gun fire stops and you realize you’re unscathed as you look in front of you, a tall man who stands with his back to you; his hands out and clenched into a fist. He relaxes his hands undoing the fists and you begin to see bullets falling from his palms and hear the clicking of bullets falling against the pavement. The man had stopped every bullet from coming your way. You notice his apparel was made up of a cowboy hat, a sky blue dress shirt, cowhide vest, baggy blue jeans and cowboy boots with spurs. “Johnny, watch the kid” said the man and beside you appeared an eccentric individual who had a built upper body covered in black t-shirt. He worse sun shades, blue jeans, black glossy boots and his hair due looked like it would take several hours at the hair saloon to get done. “You gut it Chuck, HO! HA!” said Johnny as he combed back his eccentric hair style. “AWWW BABY! CHUCK LOOK OUT NINJA MONKEYS AT 12:00” yelled Johnny. Swing down from ropes attached to the helicopter several ninja monkeys attempt their kung-fu mastery to over power both Johnny and Chuck but it’s no success as Johnny and Chuck handed them an ass whooping beyond the lengths that the ninja monkeys had ever seen. With the monkeys over powered Johnny took out his hair spray, a comb and mirror to make sure his hair was set just right “Man I’m pretty HO! HA!” said Johnny as me smiles while looking at himself in the mirror. “It isn’t over yet” said Chuck and he was right as the helicopter was still hovering over them. Suddenly a pants-less baboon dressed in white t-shirt that read I.R Baboon; had climbed out of the side window while holding into the edge of the window. The Baboon took out a megaphone and began yelling into it. “STUPID CHUCK NORRIS YOU ALWAYS KILLING FUN FOR I.R, WHY?!” Chuck half smiles behind his red bread. “Two reasons, the first reason is because you don’t wear any pants and the second is the fact that Mobis-New-Nest doesn’t appreciate you killing off his favourers” said Chuck. “GRRRR I.R NOT FINISHED YET AS I HAVE ONE TRICKING UP MY SLEEVING” yelled I.R as he pulled out an rocket propelled grenade launcher. Chuck Norris didn’t break a sweat, didn’t even flinch in fact he glared at the rocket headed in his direction. Johnny Bravo grabs you and hits the deck expecting a grand explosion but that didn’t happen. What happened was Chuck Norris grabbed the rocket propelled grenade that was still had it’s thrusters going in his shaking hand; he pulled out a Sharpie and on it’s side wrote ‘From Chuck With Love’ then he throws it back at the helicopter. I.R shrieks like a little girl who saw an icky spider as the rocket heads his way. “CURSING YOU CHUCK NOOOOOOOORRRRRIIIISSS!” yells I.R as the propellers explode and the helicopter crashes down in the distance. Chuck turns to you as the background illuminates with flames and debris. It looked like the ending to an action packed movie where protagonist avails. “Hey Kid” said Chuck. You look up bewildered at everything that just happened “Yeah?” you say. “Thanks for faving a piece at Mobis-New-Nest, Johnny we’re done here let’s go” said Chuck “Where to?” asked Johnny Bravo “We’re going to see a person named Justin Bieber” said Chuck as he cracked his knuckles while a huge grin came across his face.
neverdying Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
merci pour le favoris :)